Cloud performances monitoring and analytics for Cegid Retail PoS

Increase confidence in your PoS

Improve stores satisfaction

View information intuitively


With you to improve your PoS performance


  • Improve response and stability
  • Over 7 year's experience
  • End-to-end expertise including
    • Server & Network Infrastructure
    • Database
    • Application
  • Covering over 52 countries worldwide
  • From CBR version 9 to 11 and Y2


  • Execute 1000's of sales unattended
  • Including advanced scenarios (promotions, etc.)
  • Measure PoS response times:
    • From new locations before opening
    • With new versions before going live
  • From 1 to 10 registers simultaneously
  • Integrated with POS.VISION

Stress tests

  • Test performances under load:
    • In new deployments before live
    • With new versions upgrades
  • Run 100's of PoS simultaneously
  • On premises or from the cloud (VPN)
  • Integrated with POS.VISION

Over 13675 Registers in 52 Countries